Switching Procedure | Samuel Aset Manajemen
Samuel Aset Manajemen

How to switch SAM mutual funds

  1. Switching can be done for all Mutual Fund products with different bank custody’s such as SAM Dana KAS, SAM Dana Berkembang, SAM Syariah Berimbang and SAM Sukuk Syariah Sejahtera which are using CIMB Niaga to switch to a different bank custody such as SAM Indonesian Equity Fund using the bank custody DEUTSCHE Bank.
  2. Fill out the Fund Switching Form.
  3. Sending the Switching Form which has been signed with a copy of ID to book the NAV via Fax at 021-83703278 or email to: [email protected], Original documents must be sent via courier or post to PT Samuel Aset Manajemen.
  4. Notice of switching through the Switching Form that we receive before 13:00 pm will be processed using the NAV on the same day, while notice that we receive after 13:00 pm will be processed the following day.