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Smart Spending for Your Vacation

For many of us, a long weekend or holiday means embarking on a getaway or a vacation with loved ones. While a moment like this is precious for bringing family together, it is always exhausting when it comes to costs. developing a plan well in advance for your budget, ticket bookings, reservations or finding deals for better rates or discounts could save you from stressful nights and make your vacations less intimidating and more interesting. But, first you need to ask yourself some questions: Why do you want to travel? Is it to get a break from the mundane? To indulge in adventure sports like river rafting or trekking? A family get-together? once you’ve decided, then you’ll know how much the holiday is going to cost-and how you are going to finance it, e.g., through savings or alternative financial products.

Today, you have mutual fund to put aside money for your holiday money. Much like ordinary saving accounts, mutual fund products are very affordable and can be withdrawn at just about any time. Funds with high potential returns are typically accompanied by equally high potential risks. selecting a fund that fits in with your investment horizon and objectives is the most crucial investment process.

Agus B. yanuar, the President director and Chief Investment officer of PT samuel Aset Manajemen (Samuel Asset Management), says that many families consider mutual funds for their alternative financial products when planning a holiday. Agus said one of his investors specifically aimed his investments at covering a mountain climbing holiday that he wanted to do in the next three years.  For this type of spending, investors are advised to buy a balanced or fixed income funds. While those with longer-term goals, e.g., a vacation five years from now, can buy equity based products.

According to Agus, the wide variety of Samuel Asset Management mutual fund products (SAM Indonesian Equity Fund and SAM Sharia Equity Fund), balanced mutual funds (SAM Dana Berkembang and SAM Syariah Berimbang) and fixed income mutual fund (SAM Sukuk Syariah Sejahtera) can be the perfect match for your financial goals. SAM’s products are the best in their classes and are regularly featured by mutual fund rating agencies. The funds’ excellent returns comes from experience, passion and a commitment to always serve the best for customers.

Plan your holidays and you’ll be rewarded with your dream vacation. Call 021-28548800 or visit for more information.

*article also was published in JPlus, The Jakarta Post, Jun 25, 2016